Enrique Bardisa


Calligraphic Expertise, consisting of determining the authorship of a graphic design (signatures or manuscript texts), by comparing it and those corresponding to the presumed author, being a great contribution to the forensic sciences and being used as evidence in legal proceedings. Psychography, consisting in the realization of the study and subsequent report of the connotations and correlations that keep the different signs of a written graphism, with the psychology of the person who has done it. Being used in different fields, from child development, through possible pathologies, compatibility between couples or in the business sector for human resources in personnel selection departments, as well as possibilities for personal growth.


Expert Reports to detect possible falsifications in signatures of documents with criminal character. Authorship of Anonymous, etc.    


Complete studies for the realization of Psychographic profiles, of compatibility in pairs, possible childhood problems or psychic pathologies.

Human Resources

Selection of the best candidates for a company for the specific job profiles offered.